WHITE CHROME NAILS – Iridescent Opal Nail Art

These nails were totally inspired by the infamous iridescent white stick on nails that were always popping up on nail groups on Facebook!  They continue to forever be the “Holy Grail” of nail art!

Opal Iridescent Nails

White Chrome Nails Step 1: 

white chrome nails

After performing prep, apply a layer of white gel polish and cure.


White Iridescent Nails Step 2

white iridescent nails

Using pastel shades, begin by applying a pale blue to the centre in a thick line using a striping brush (UK / US), do not cure.

White Opal Nail Art Step 3white opal nail art


Apply pastel lilac either side of the blue, followed by pastel pink and pastel yellow.  Do not cure the pastel colours yet.

White Chrome Nails Step 4

white chrome nail art

Using a clean dry striping brush (UK / US) , feather the colours together where they meet to create a soft pastel rainbow gradient, then cure.

Iridescent White Nails Step 5

white chrome nails

Apply a “No Cleanse” (UK / US) top coat and cure.

Opal White Chrome Nails Step 6

opal nails

Using a flat edged silicone tool (UK / US) , firmly rub a unicorn dust/powder (UK/US) into the surface of the nail.  Continue until the whole nail is covered, not patchy & has a mirror shine.

Iridescent Nail Art Step 7

iridescent nail art

Apply a regular hard wearing top coat.  You may want to apply 2 layers and cap the ends thoroughly to avoid chipping.

Unicorn Chrome Nails Step 8

unicorn chrome nails

Apply a clear builder or strengthening gel (UK / US) by the cuticle area, do not cure yet. 

Iridescent Unicorn Nails Step 9

best beauty blogger

Set chrome shells (UK / US), crystals (UK / US), pearls (UK / US) & iridescent caviar beads (UK / US) into the gel then cure and remove sticky layer. 

Here are your amazing finished Iridescent White Chrome Nails!!  These are one of my all time favourite sets ever, they are just so beautiful and perfect for every occasion!! If you have a wedding or prom to attend then these stunning unicorn skin nails will go with every outfit! 

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