How To Use Dry Shampoo – It’s week 4 of my Essential Beauty Basics and this week I’m going to show you some tips and tricks on how to use Dry Shampoo.  I  decided to cover this video after one of my best friends, Debbie, had a complete fail with some dry shampoo that I’d left at her house after I’d stayed over.   Needless to say her attempt at timesaving before work resulted in her having to wash her hair instead ?.  If you’d like to see my other Essential Beauty Basics, then Week 1 – How To Cover Dark Circles is here, Week 2 – How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger, Brighter & Whiter is here, and Week 3 – How To Easily Apply False Lashes is here.




There’s lots of different brands of dry shampoo including supermarket and drugstore own brands and I’ve tried about half a dozen, but Batiste is my favourite to date.  They also do coloured dry shampoos for blondes and brunettes, but as per usual, there’s not one for gingers and this prejudice disappoints me. ?


Now there’s been some scare mongering in the tabloids recently about dry shampoo causing issues with itchy scalp and hairloss.  Let’s get one thing straight first before we believe these “click bait” stories, dry shampoo does NOT replace washing your hair long term.  Dry shampoo is for freshening up your hair between washes, or allowing you to push your hair an extra day or two between washes.  If I didn’t use dry shampoo just around my hairline, I’d really need to wash my hair daily or at least every other day, but that seriously dries it out with blowdrying and straightening. So with using dry shampoo I tend to wash my hair 2/3 times a week.  Dry shampoo is also great for adding volume to flat/limp hair and for when you want to style/back comb your hair.batiste dry shampoo

I like to apply some dry shampoo to my hairline just before bed and rub it through the hair and give it a quick brush.  Then you can wake up with hair that looks freshly washed.  It’s also great if you have a night out planned and don’t have time to give it a wash before you go out as it adds some volume.  You really don’t need much, so don’t get too overzealous when applying.  It’s better to have to apply a couple of extra spritzes than fight trying to brush out too much. The method detailed below is if your hair really needs a freshen all the way through.  If you just need a little freshen up, just apply round the areas that tend to need it most like the hairline, parting and round the ears if you have a habit of tucking your hair behind your ears like I do.

  1. Begin by tying up half of your hair.  I tend to take a section from around the ears and the back of the head and tie it out of the way on top of my head.  From a distance of about 30cm, lightly spray the exposed roots of the nail blogger
  2. best beauty bloggerUntie your hair and then select the next section of hair from your temples back to your crown of your head and tie it up on top of your head out of the way.  Again lightly spray the exposed roots on both sides of your head and the back of your head from a distance of beauty blogger
  3. use dry shampooUntie your hair and let it rest where your normal parting would be.  Spray along your parting and the hair around your ears and along your hairline. Then pull back the hair above your forehead (or your fringe if you have one) and lightly spray the root way to use dry shampoo
  4. how to apply dry shampooAllow the dry shampoo to settle for a moment.  Then simply and and briskly rub your fingertips through your roots paying particular attention to the areas where you have sprayed the dry shampoo.  This is to ensure that it can soak up any of the excess grease around your hair, specifically the nail blogger
  5. Once you feel that you have sufficiently rubbed the dry shampoo through your hair, take a hairbrush and briskly brush through your hair to remove any of the dry shampoo residue.  If you’re in a particular hurry you can alway give your hair a blast with a hairdryer on cool setting to speed up the process and that’s it!use dry shampoo

The whole process only takes a couple of minutes as opposed to the time it would take to wash, blow dry and style your hair, so it’s perfect for those mornings when you’re in a hurry.

Love & Ginger hugs

Tasha xx




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