I’ve had this lovely little package sent to me by Empower Nail Art UK, sat in my office waiting to be opened and appreciated.  That time came last month when I was filming an Halloween Sugar Skull nail art tutorial and I’m not ashamed to say that I was more than a little excited! The item that I’m referring to is The Ring Thing thumb palette by Empower Nail Art.  Now I’ve had a couple of thumb palettes before but this one really is different.

Ring Thing Thumb Palette

The Ring Thing is a collaboration between Empower Nail Art’s #teamempower, which consists of the founder Lucien Henderson, and the wonderful Holly Schippers, more frequently known as The Fingernail Fixer!  Unlike my other thumb palettes which are basically just a flat piece of metal on an adjustable thumb cuff, the Ring Thing is a beautifully ergonomic work of art!  If you’re not yet sure what a thumb palette is for, then allow me to enlighten you! 😉

ring thing thumb palette

In the past when I’ve wanted to produce nail art designs with varying different colours, I’ve decanted a drop of each colour onto the back of a plastic backed pad or a tile.  If you are using nail polish as opposed to gel polish, then it can dry very quickly using this method and you need to keep decanting polish onto the tile.  The other thing I pretty much do without fail, is lean over the pad/tile and stick my arm in the flipping polish!! Needless to say a thumb palette is a great little tool but the traditional ones were a nightmare because all the colours merged into one another and you would have to keep cleaning it if you were doing detailed nail art.

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The Ring Thing is different!  With 8 teardrop/circle indents for polish and a line indent for striping, this has really been designed by nail techs for nail techs.  However, you don’t have to be a qualified professional to buy the Ring Thing, which is lovely that hobbyists and passionistas can get their hands on it too!  The Ring Thing can even be used as a mould to make custom cabochons! The Ring Thing Thumb Palette also has an adjustable cuff so it can fit on any finger/thumb, or even stand alone.  To clean, just soak a pad in acetone or polish remover and wipe over and in the indents.  I thought cleaning would be a nightmare but it really wasn’t and only took a couple of minutes.

Not convinced how you might need this in your “nail art” life? Then take a look at my latest Sugar Skull tutorial where I try out the ring thing for the first time and use my latest polish goodies including The Cocktail Collection nail polish from All That Jazz which I can highly recommend!

If you get your hands on the Ring Thing thumb palette, don’t forget to post your pics on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook using the hashtag #RT4NT!

Ring Thing Thumb Palette

Score 9.510 Very Highly Recommended



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