magpie glitters for nail artERMAHGERD!!! BLING!!  Anyone that knows me will testify to the fact that I am a sucker for anything sensationally sparkly, so when I got my hands on the latest Magpie Glitters for nail art from Magpie Beauty I was more than a little excited!  Especially as there are so many fabulous holographic glitters which are my absolute favourite.  Something great about ultra fine Magpie Glitters, is that they are available for both professionals and home users to buy.  So if you are fond of doing nail art at home, then you are able to purchase a professional, cosmetic grade, solvent resistant glitter for gorgeous nails at home. I thought I’d give you a run through of the 40 glitters currently in the range and what they look like actually on the nails.  There’s a video at the base of the page for anyone who wants to see how truly sparkly these are in action 🙂

Magpie Glitters For Nail Art

There are 40 glitters currently in the range from Magpie Beauty, and the range of affects includes what I would refer to as Standard Glitters, Holographic Glitters, Iridescent Glitters and Multi Glitz glitters.   In case you aren’t aware of the differences I’ll give a quick run through of how I would describe them.

  • Magpie Nail Art Glitter Standard Red Pink OrangeStandard Glitters – A fully opaque foil/mirror effect glitter available in a range of colours but no additional affects.  *Fully Opaque = The colour of the polish underneath can only be seen through the tiny gaps between the glitter flakes.
  • magpie glitter nail art holographic silver gold brownHolographic Glitters – A fully opaque foil/mirror effect glitter that produces a 3 dimensional (3D) rainbow image when the light catches it, much like a disco ball. *Fully Opaque = The colour of the polish underneath can only be seen through the tiny gaps between the glitter flakes.
  • Magpie Glitter Nail Art Iridescent green blue violetIridescent Glitters – A semi transparent coloured glitter that produces luminous colours that seem to change from different angles.  Due to the semi-transparency, these glitters can show the colour of the polish underneath but depending on the colour of iridescent glitter used, they  can be used to alter the final colour and effect. e.g. Using a pink iridescent glitter over a dark blue or black polish can create an amazing “mermaid” effect.
  • Magpie Glitter Nail Art Mixed GlitzMulti Glitz – These are an opaque mix of different colour and effect glitters.  e.g. standard and holographic flakes in difference colours mixed together to give a 3D effect nail.

Magpie Glitter – Standard

There are 13 Standard glitters available from Magpie glitter for nail art.

Magpie Glitter for Nail Art Red Pink OrangeRuby – rich, classy red

Rosie – dusky pink with a hint of salmon

Penny – coppery burnt orange

Magpie Glitter Nail Art PinkMaria – pale baby pink

Eadie – rosebud pink

Sidonie – bold fuscia/cerise pink

Ultra Fine Nail Art Glitters Blue Teal PurpleKate – bold pacific blue

Peggy – dusky dark teal with an almost matte/velveteen appearance

Margo – rich jewelled amethyst purple

Nail art glitter silver gold taupe tealWillow – jade green

Grace – sophisticated taupe/mushroom

Goldie – soft yellow gold

Sylvia – light bright silver

Magpie Glitter – Holographic

There are 12 holographic glitters available from Magpie  glitter for nail art.

Pink Holographic glitter nail artBest Nail BloggerLou-Lou – cerise pink

Livvi – candy lavender/lilac

Erin – dusky baby pink

Frozen nail art glitterBest Nail BloggerMable – jewel purple

Violet – pastel violet

Emily – pale ice blue

Green holographic nail art glitterBest nail bloggerEbony – multi toned black

Kiki – light teal

Arial – sea green

holographic silver gold nail glittermagpie glitter nail art holographicPippa – black/brown with different sized flakes

Jules – yellow gold

Lola – pale silver

Magpie Glitter – Iridescent

There are 12 glitters in the iridescent range from Magpie Glitter for nail art.

magpie glitters for nail artDarcy – vibrant neon coral

Eve – bright neon satsuma orange

Lucy – neon lemon yellow

Magpie Glitter Nail Art IridescentDolly – bright violet

Elsa – cool sky blue

Bell – “Tinkerbell fairy” spring green

Nail art glitterJess – red/orange with a coral tone

Lottie – rich salmon pink

Cindy – bright “barbie girl” pink

Mother of pearl opal iridescent nail glitterPearl – a mix of tones of baby pink

Lilly – THE most amazing mother of pearl/opal effect white glitter that I have come across!

Pixie – white but shines violet in the light, see review below for more details

Magpie Glitter – Multi Glitz

There are 3 colours in the Multi Glitz range from Magpie Glitter for nail art.

Magpie Glitter Nail Art Mixed GlitzBest Beauty BloggerPolly – A mixture of deep blues, purples, teals and pinks including holographic flakes

Patsy – A mixture of cerise, purple and blues including holographic flakes

Flo – A mixture of deep and pale dusky pinks with holographic flakes

Magpie Glitters for Nail Art Review

Overall I’m massively impressed with the ultra fine Magpie Glitters for nail art.  They apply beautifully, are a reasonable price and pleasantly, are also available to non professionals.  I love the holographic range and the neon iridescent colours have a real “WOW” factor.  I like the effect of the different sized flakes in Goldie and Pippa and would love if they brought out some more of these in the holographic range.

nail art glitterOf the 40 glitters, there was only 1 which I was a little disappointed by and that was Pixie.  It looks absolutely sensational in the tube as a white with a real punchy violet tone when the light hits it.  However, when applied over a pale polish like a white or a sky blue, the glitter itself takes on a yellow tone which isn’t hugely noticeable, but I am rather a perfectionist so I did notice it.

With that aside I would still score these glitters incredibly highly.  Over the coming months I will be trialling and reviewing some other big names in the professional nail glitter arena and bringing the comparison and results to you.  However, in the meantime I would score the Magpie Glitters for nail art a resounding….

Rating 9.510 Highly Recommended!

If you’d like to watch the glitters in action to appreciate how sparkly they really are please see the video below.  Magpie Glitters for nail art are available to purchase from (professional and consumer) and (professional only).