Now, anyone who knows me, just knows that I LOVE my kitchen porn!!  I enjoy cooking for the family and I love anything that makes my life easier, but looks also great.  Form and function rate highly for me. I’d coveted the Joseph Joseph Elevate Kitchen Utensils for ages (in actual fact I pretty much covet everything that they have created) but felt now I’ve lived with them for sometime, I’m in the position to given you an honest Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensils review.

Joseph Joseph Elevate Kitchen Utensils Review

The Look…

Best Lifestyle Blogger ….is quite simply like looking at kitchen architecture.  They are slim and elegant and akin to a ballerina on pointe.  The beautifully bright handles contrast perfectly with the charcoal stems and they quite simply look FUNKY!  Opening the box is like looking at something from a Mary Poppins movie – you are waiting for them to start dancing away in the kitchen making your Dinner for you!  Although the handles are bright, they are just the right tones and shades to remain looking chic instead of cheap and gaudy.

Ease Of Use

They may look amazing, but are they actually any good?  I’d say yes and unfortunately no, so I’ll break it down into pros and cons.

  • The Joseph Joseph Elevate Kitchen Utensils have an innovative weighted handle which feels comfortable and expensive when in use.
  • They feature an integrated tool rest on the underside of the handle that with the aid of the weighted handle, ensure that the head is always elevated off the worktop.
  • They are more hygienic to use than traditional cooking utensils due to the tool rest minimising the amount of food mess on your worktop.
  • All of the items are dishwasher friendly and don’t fade with regular use.
  • They look amazing when cooking in front of friends and if you fancy pretending to be Nigella or Delia! 🙂
  • Unusually, there is an angled spatula included in the set which is fabulous for making gravy, getting that last bit of sauce out of the pan, and smoothing cake mix beautifully.

  • If like me, you like to leave your utensil resting in the pan whilst cooking, be prepared for melted and battle-scarred handles.
  • Personally I would have preferred a Potato Masher in the set than the Spaghetti Server.
  • Both the Solid Spoon and Slotted Spoon could do with being deeper as if you try to serve too much at once it can spill off the head.

Joseph Joseph Elevate Handles

Would I recommend the Joseph Joseph Elevate Kitchen Utensils?

Yes! I may have had to alter my “utensil left in pan” habit in order to prevent damage to the handles, but it’s worth it.  I feel strangely sad when the utensil I want to use is in the dishwasher and I have to use a non-Joseph Joseph alternative.  I know it’s pathetic but I always promise an honest review ;).  I want to extend my collection now, and despite the small issues I’ve had with them, I want to try more Joseph Joseph products.  It’s obvious a lot of thought has gone into their design and it really shows in functionality & style.  They are so beautifully packaged that I think they make a perfect gift for Kitchen Porn fans and will definitely score brownie points!

Score: 8/10

I would happily and highly recommend the Joseph Joseph Elevate Kitchen Utensils following my review.  If the spoons were a little deeper and the rubber handles heat resistant, then I would have definitely scored these as a 10/10. xNx