How To Dry Hair ExtensionsWhen I bought my first set of clip in hair extensions  from Lush, I felt a bit thrown in at the deep end, I had no idea how to look after them or style them.  I turned to my best friend/hairdresser who has given me some fabulous tips and techniques that I’m going to be sharing with you!  Today’s tip, is How To Dry Hair Extensions (quickly!).  If you’ve just got your first set of hair extensions, then it might be worth popping over and having a mosey at my blog on How To Wash And Care For Hair Extensions.

So you’ve left it a bit last minute and you don’t have time to let hair extensions to dry naturally (which is always best), what do you do?  If you’ve ever tried to hold and blow dry your clip-in hair extensions, then you’ll know it’s an awful, soul destroying and frustrating chore.  I’ve also tried clipping them to my trouser leg, but just ended up with a burnt leg and a laughing husband. :/  Then my hairdresser showed me a trick that was so simple, I felt like a muppet for not thinking of it myself!

How To Dry Hair Extensions

How To Easily Dry Hair ExtensionsTake your freshly washed hair extensions and dry the excess water off  in a towel by squeezing – not rubbing – the hair.  Rubbing the hair will rough up the cuticles on the hair’s surface making the hair dull and more likely to knot.  Take the clip end of the weft, and with the clips facing down, fold over the edge of a slightly opened drawer.  I use my dresser drawers but you could use anything including your kitchen drawers.  Close the drawer so that the clip is secured just inside the drawer but the hair of the weft is hanging outside of the cupboard.  There’s a video at the bottom of the page to help you if you want to make sure that you are doing it right. 🙂

How To Dry Hair ExtensionsWith the weft secure, take a large round ceramic barrel brush and your hairdryer on a medium heat but maximum speed/output and a fine nozzle.  Place the brush under the weft as close towards the clip end as possible, and with your dryer pointed downwards onto the brush, pull the brush through the hair keeping the hairdryer above the brush until you reach the tips of the hair.  Repeat this until the weft is dry.

Best Beauty BloggerRemove the weft from the drawer carefully.  The seam and clip area are likely to be damp still.  Setting your hairdryer to low heat, hold the weft just below the seam, and move the stream of warm air back and forth over the weft, front and back, until it feels dry.  Repeat this with all of the wefts of hair that need drying.

How to Dry Hair ExtensionsOnce all wefts are dry, brush gently from clip to tip to smooth the hair and lie the wefts down in the same direction with all the clip ends together.  At this stage you can either style and wear them, or if you prefer, you can store them safely for future use.  If you plan to store your extensions, just keep reading.  🙂

Best Beauty Blogger Find a suitable storage container for your hair extensions.  If you don’t have a purpose created hair extension storage  bag or case, then if you have a nice cloth bag like a dust bag from an old handbag or even just a clean pillow case, then that will do fine, just follow these guilelines for appropriate storage.  Take hold with one hand all of the wefts from the clip end to prevent tangling, and holding the dust bag with your other hand, place all of the clips in one of the bottom corners of the bag and lay the rest of the weft gentle in the bag. Then gently close and fold the bag if necessary and Voila! Your clip in hair extensions will stay in perfect condition ready for their next use. 🙂

If you need any extra help, just click on the vlog below and I hope that you’ve found this blog on “How To Dry Hair Extensions” helpful.  xNx

How To Dry Hair Extensions