Gel II vs Shellac Colour SwatchesSince Gel II has really exploded in popularity in the UK, I’ve seen the same questions asked time and time again, “Which Gel II colour is like ***** in CND Shellac?”.  I’m guilty of being one of those people asking the question on the UK Distributor Facebook page.  It got me thinking that with so many techs wanting to add Gel II to their service menu, particularly for their problem Shellac clients, then it would probably prove beneficial to have a list of colour swatches and layering options to match the CND Shellac colours.   Currently I only have about half of the Gel II colours, so you may come across a better layering match if you have some different Gel II colours, but this is the first in a series of blogs capturing the Gel II vs Shellac Colour Swatches to start you off.

Gel II vs Shellac Colour Swatches

I thought I’d begin with 10 colours for you to create that match the CND Shellac Colours.  I’ve picked 4 of the nudes from the Intimates Collection, as well as some of the darker colours that are always a favourite around Christmas time.  All colours have been created with one layer of each colour, unless otherwise stated, and the colour printed on the top of the colour pop label, is the one that was applied first.  Some are absolutely perfect colour matches, and some you can only notice when you apply the 2 brands directly next to each other, but they are close enough to almost be a match.  If you click on any of the pictures you can see a bigger and clearer image of all the colour swatches. 🙂  All colour coats have been cured before applying the second colour and top coat.

Gel II Nude & Soothing….

Gel II vs Shellac Swatches

….produces CND Shellac in Satin Pyjamas.  Now this is one of my favourite CND Shellac colours so I’ve been desperate to create it in Gel II.  Just apply a coat of Nude and cure, then follow with a coat of Soothing, cure, and you have Satin Pyjamas!  I think this is my favourite layering combo in the Gel II.

 Gel II Lonely Night & Cloud 9….

Gel II Colours That Match CND Shellac….produces CND Shellac in Powder My Nose.  It even has the same semi-sheer quality that Powder My Nose has, so it makes a perfect gentle cover pink for a french mani.

Gel II in Soothing & Life’s A Peach….

Gel II Nude Colour Swatches….produces CND Shellac in Bare Chemise.  The Life’s A Peach adds that lovely shimmer to the colour which Bare Chemise has.


Gel II in Shiny Lavender & Soothing….

Shellac v Gel 2 Colour Swatches….produces CND Shellac in Nude Knickers.  I struggled with the Gel II colours that I have at the moment to get a really accurate match for Nude Knickers, so this is the closest likeness that I could achieve and has the right tones.

Gel II Passion & Pedal To The Metal….

Gel II Red Colour Swatches Shellac….produces CND Shellac in Red Baroness.  This is probably my most popular red with my clients as it suits every skin tone and every age group, so it was an essential for me to try to recreate.

Gel II Was I Going That Fast? & Heart Beet….

Gel II Shellac Polish Red Colour Swatches….produces and absolutely perfect match for CND Shellac in Wildfire.  Gel II Was I Going That Fast is the closest match to Wildfire on it’s own, but I really wanted to perfect the bright red that you get from Wildfire.

Gel II in Flashlight & Cloud 9…

Gel II vs Shellac Colour Swatches….produces CND Shellac in Sun Bleached.  Gel II Cloud 9 was one of those colours that I wasn’t sure if it was worth purchasing, but it most definitely is as it’s perfect to apply one thin layer to tone down an existing colour and create a pastel.

Gel II Deep Romance & Pedal To The Metal….

Best Nail Blogger….produces CND Shellac in Masquerade/Crimson Sash.  Now I can’t decide which CND Shellac colour this layering is most like.  It has the golden shimmer that Crimson Sash exhibits under direct light, but has the beautiful tone of Masquerade.   I’ll let you decide instead, let me know what you think.

Gel II in Baby Teal & Deep Ocean….

Gel 2 Swatches That Match Shellac….produces a prettier version of CND Shellac in Hotski To Tchotchke.  It has the same beautiful mermaid effect, but richer and with better coverage.

Gel II in Royal Navy & Midnight Blue….

Best Beauty Blogger….produces CND Shellac in Midnight Swim, but even more striking, it almost glows!! It’s one of those colours that has to be seen in person to truly appreciate it.


 Gel II vs Shellac Colour Swatches Series

I’ll be producing more Gel II vs Shellac Colour swatches on a regular basis.  If you have any particular CND Shellac colours that you would like me to match, then please leave a comment below, or send me a message via the contact tab in the right hand bar and I’ll do my best to create it for you. 🙂 xNx